JN Bank UK Savings

A savings account for you, right now.

We understand that you might not have something in mind for your savings.

That's why we offer both Fixed Term and Easy Access Savings Accounts. Depending on your plans, JN Bank could have a way to save for the short, medium and long-term!

Rates up to 2.22% gross/AER fixed on our Fixed Term Savings Accounts, on balances of over £1,000.


Fixed Term Savings Account

If you have a lump sum you can lock away for a while, a longer term savings account may be right for you.

Giving you plenty of time to work out something special to save for.

Easy Access Savings Account

A really convenient way to start saving, for a rainy day or to help you turn dreams into reality.

The more you save, the better it gets – with a higher rate of interest for higher balances. And you always have the flexibility to access your money when you need it.